About Us

Welcome to our comprehensive calculator website! We aim to provide every calculator imaginable in one convenient location.

Our founder, Sandeep Bhandari, has a lifelong passion for mathematics, programming, and helping others. Sandeep holds a Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and has over 20 years of experience developing complex calculators and mathematical tools.

Sandeep had the idea to create a website where people could access any calculator they needed – from basic math and conversions to advanced scientific and financial calculations. And thus, our calculator website was born!

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the most extensive and user-friendly calculator resource on the web. We strive to provide convenient access to calculators that people need for school, work, personal finance, science, engineering, and more.

No matter what calculation or conversion you need, we want to be your one-stop calculator shop. Our vast catalogue includes everything from unit converters and date calculators to calculus, chemistry, and physics calculators.

Our Team

In addition to Sandeep, our website is maintained by a small but mighty team of mathematicians, programmers, and marketing specialists.

Sandra Lopez, our lead programmer, has a Master’s degree in Computer Science and heads up our calculator development and maintenance. She works tirelessly to keep our existing calculators running smoothly and constantly adds new options based on user requests.

Our mathematicians and subject matter experts ensure all formulas and calculations are accurate and up-to-date. They also create the content and instructions for our more complex scientific and financial calculators.

Finally, our marketing team promotes our website and manages partnerships with educational institutions, businesses, engineering firms, and finance companies that utilize our calculators.

User Experience

Ease of use and accessibility are extremely important to us. Our calculators have simple interfaces that are intuitive for users of all backgrounds and skill levels. Instructions and definitions are provided to help users understand the inputs and outputs.

We optimize for mobile so our calculators can be accessed on the go. Users can bookmark or pin their favourite calculators for quick access later.

We welcome feedback and suggestions so we can continue improving. Our ultimate goal is to simplify complex calculations and creating the best possible user experience.

We hope our calculator website helps you solve problems, complete assignments, advance your career, pursue your interests, and more. Thank you for choosing us as your calculator resource!

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